Takamasa Minami
Protocol Labs
Director of Marketing
Takamasa Minami is an accomplished marketing executive currently serving as the Director of Marketing at Protocol Labs. In his role, he leads the Ecosystem Growth marketing team, overseeing strategic marketing initiatives to enhance the brand positioning of Filecoin and drive its ecosystem growth. His focus lies in establishing the narrative on Filecoin as the leading Layer-1 protocol in the open data economy, while effectively converting a broader Web 3 audience into advocates and supporters.
With an impressive track record spanning 17 years, Takamasa brings extensive marketing experience to Protocol Labs, having successfully built strong brands and achieved significant user growth across both Web 2 and Web 3 industries. Prior to joining Protocol Labs, he held the position of Global Marketing Vice President at Bybit, the world's second largest crypto derivative trading platform. Notably, he spearheaded high-profile endeavors such as securing a $150 million Red Bull Racing Premier Sponsorship deal and launching Bybit's inaugural brand campaign, "Next Level," which generated an exceptional engagement of over 30 million.
During his tenure at Google, Takamasa spent over 10 years in leadership roles within regional Consumer Search, Google Assistant (consumer-facing AI brand), and Maps divisions. In these capacities, he orchestrated integrated marketing campaigns and forged strategic partnerships, resulting in a notable increment of tens of million users across the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, he contributed significantly to the North American cross-carrier rollout of the first-generation Galaxy S devices while serving as a key figure at Samsung Mobile for four years.
Beyond his professional achievements, Takamasa Minami is a certified career coach, displaying a genuine passion for coaching and mentoring aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs. Having resided in the United States, South America, and various Asian countries, he has gained a global perspective through his travels across 40+ nations. For the past 11 years, Singapore has been his second home, providing a vibrant backdrop for both personal and professional endeavors. Married with two sons, he often spends his weekends actively engaged in outdoor activities, frequently found chasing his children at nearby pools or parks.
9:20AM - 9:40AM
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