Waikit Lau
Lau Ventures
Founder & Managing Partner
Waikit is the Founder and Managing Partner of Lau Ventures, an early-stage blockchain and deep tech investment vehicle. He was a founder of a few other successful tech companies, with one IPO (Magnite - NASDAQ: MGNI) and two acquisitions (by GoDaddy and one unannounced yet). He is an early-stage investor in Circle, EigenLayer, Celestia, Hedera Hashgraph, Axelar, etc. More recently, he had taught a blockchain seminar at MIT. He has also started and currently runs AIDL, the world's largest A.I. community with more than 550,000 members. In prior lives, he was a investor at Bessemer Venture Partners and helped restart JAFCO's US operations. He holds Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Finance from MIT and an MBA in Harvard Business School.
9:20AM - 9:40AM
All the Ways AI and Blockchain Will Converge
Everyone's talking about AI! And it's either "AI will revolutionize everything" or "AI will destroy the world." Could the ethos behind Web3 help push the positive angle forward and hinder the negative sentiment of this powerful technology? Hear from this panel of people building with both technologies in mind.
12:45PM - 1:10PM
Rest of the World: How VCs Are Deploying Capital Outside the US
As Gary has shown us, the US isn't the only game in town. From regulatory regimes to user behavior, there is an abundance of investable projects in markets around the globe. Our panel of global venture capitalists will take you through their strategies for putting money to work.